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UK Air Guitar Champions 2017 - Dick Danger

Posted on 2 August 2018 | 1:46 pm

Cardiff - Wales - 2017

A bloody mental night, the final was equally nuts.
Dick Danger - The air duo emerged victorious

They took the title with mega teamwork and a touch of airness.

Posted on 17 September 2017 | 12:14 pm

We are pleased to announce the UK Air Guitar Championships final will be held in Cardiff this year.

21st October 2017 - Fuel Rock Club - 10pm

Entries are still open for newcomers, it's free to enter and free to watch.. We love FREEDOM!

We dedicated our 2016 UKAG title to Crispy. A former champion in 2006 who tragically lost his life in a car incident whilst in Australia. As it was the 10th year since, he won the Air Guitar Championships and sadly died, it seemed appropriate.

Our reigning champion, The Bandit, was welcoming of the time off as he'd sustained an injury during practice, which led to back surgery...

UK Air Guitar Championships 2015

Posted on 8 November 2015 | 5:22 am

Here we go again..
Hopefully not on our own...

Hers is a picture of Dr Cock (Vince Venus) and he will be attempting to defend his title as UK Air Guitar Champion. If you fancy a challenge then sign up and have a go. It Free!! More importantly it's probably the most uncool thing you could ever do!

Friday 13th November
Green Door Store, Brighton
Things will get started from 10pm
££ FREE!!

No fees to play or watch air guitar. Also, the club night Paradise City is following the show and that too will be free!

I love free stuff, I hope you do too..


UK Air Guitar Champion 2014 - Dr. Cock

Posted on 23 December 2014 | 11:40 am

Dr. Cock! Thats his name, the winner of the 2014 UK Air Guitar Championships.

The night was hard fought between the reigning champion The Bandit, Dr Cock and Fuzz Aldrin. With the rest falling by the way side these guys were the finalists in a head to head to head.

In the end it was local radio DJ Guy Lloyd aka Dr. Cock who woo'd the crowd with this glittering golden cat suit and some sexual air strumming. There were a few incidents with air guitarists physically clashing leaving one man on the stage to mop up and take the UKAG trophy.

We would like to thank the audience who are loyal as ever, the contestants for showing the world that air guitar isn't about winning and our sponsor this year, The Natural Juicing company...

Peace to all
Merry F*cking Christmas!

2014 UK Air Guitar Championships

Posted on 17 November 2014 | 2:28 am

21st December - The Hope Brighton - 7:30pm

This is our 20th Year of Air Guitar bliss.
From Twanger to Smokey and an air band named PISS

Enough of the poor poetry..

This is the longest running air guitar competition in the WORLD!
We are very proud of all of our contestants, for bringing the antics of a lonesome bedroom to a grand stage for public display. This is the 20th Year of UK Air Guitar and to mark the occasion we are revisiting the spiritual home of UK Air Guitar, The Hope on Queens road in Brighton.

 It all began on a slow Sunday night at the aforementioned venue which was once known as 'The Pig in Paradise'. The promoter of the venue came up with a variety of outrageous ideas to try to draw even the smallest of crowds, but in the end settled for an air guitar competition, little did he know of the monster that he created! All hail! Jeffrey Louis-Reed.

We are doing something this year which is a little different than the norm. The competition is usually held at the beginning of autumn, but this year we are throwing it into the Christmas mix, opening a plethora of tunes to butcher and an extra element of fancy dress, or undress.. This is air guitar after all.

We will be inviting all previous winners to come and turn up the heat on the newbies and to give us a master class in Air Guitar. This should not be missed :)


UK Air Guitar Champion 2013 - The Bandit!

Posted on 6 November 2013 | 12:31 pm

After an intense night of air shredding the Bandit overcame the gauntlet set before him to become the 20th UK Air Guitar Champion.

We saw the return of last years champion from Wales, Bruce Almighty, who made it to the final round to air duel against the Bandit. The Bandit showed inspired dedication to the art of pretending to play a guitar, we made them and all the contestants work very hard indeed.

Also returning to the ring was Fin-Air, Air Farce One and Weller, who incidentally competed for the 7th consecutive year, but lost out early.

A great night all round! The Green Door Store was a perfect venue and a great crowd welcomed our air guitarists as kings!

Thanks to all and we will see you in the new year for the 2014 tour!

All Hail The Bandit!

UK Air Guitar Championships 2013

Posted on 4 October 2013 | 3:49 pm

The wait is finally over..

Bruce almighty stole the show last year with an epic parody of a welshman and his air plucker
But this year it could be you?

1st November 2013
Green Door Store, Brighton
Admission - FREE!!
Air Guitar Competition Entry - FREE!

The free form of self persecution is this year, for the first time ever, FREE TO ALL!!!

See you there for a night of epic proportions...
And if any of you think you can beat our man on top, then come equipped

Bruce almighty, Salute \m/

Cozza, out..

UK Air Guitar Champion 2012 is Bruce Amighty!

Posted on 1 October 2012 | 7:32 am

The UK Air Guitar Championships has a new champion, Bruce Almighty aka Adam Rees of Cardiff took to the stage in our Regional heat in the Welsh capital and took the Welsh Air Guitar crown there, then the UK Final. After scaling the country doing regional air guitar competitions, we brought a decent selection of air guitarists to the south coast of England to compete to become the UK Air Guitar Champion!

30th September, Coalition, Brighton.. The usual offenders turned up to see if they could progress to the latter stages, but it was a select few that shone in the darkness of the air guitar championships. Foxy, The Bandit, The Fingerer and Bruce almighty we're the top 4, dumping out the reigning champion Smokey van Porno in the cage round.

The Air Duet round showed great strength from local lad The bandit, but the Cardiff man won the crowd, coming up against the Fingerer in the Final.

We thank everyone for coming to the show, Coalition for welcoming us to their venue and for adopting us into the new Air Guitar spiritual home..

UK Air Guitar 2012 Championships - Brighton 30th September

Posted on 19 July 2012 | 5:04 am

The UK Air Guitar Championships tour 2012

Here we go again...
The hunt for the best air guitarist in the country has started. We will be visiting Derry, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Brighton for the UK Air Guitar Final 2012.

Smoky van Porno (James Crowter) is the man holding the current UKAG title. But YOU could be the one to beat him and take the crown of UK Air Guitar Champion of 2012!

This is the 19th Finals, we are the oldest air guitar competition in the world and are very proud of our Rock heritage. Its all about the passion of the music and expressing yourself on stage to an appreciative audience. We are looking forward to seeing you soon, to keep up to date then please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Air Picks UK Air Guitar Champion 2011 is Smokey Van Porno - aka James Crowter

Posted on 10 September 2011 | 12:12 pm

Air Guitar Champion of the UK is Smokey Van Porno

We had an unbelievable night at the Concorde 2!
We had the sequins, spandex, leather, hair, make up and entertainment of pure gold.

This year seemed less of a competition and more of an exhibition of rock of the ages.

The first round trimmed the fat off the contestant list.
The second round saw the return of 'The Cage', this was where the contestants pulled out their solo air guitar performances in the confined space. However this produced more showmanship than we expected!

The Semi Final was the air duet's round where the contestants were paired up and told to perform together...

Paired up were:
The Hurricane Titus + The Air-Venging Angel
Eddie Six Strings + The Love Rod
The Banit + Smokey Van Porno

The Banit and Smokey were so close that we had to give them a new song and get them to battle it out until the decision was audibly unanimous, which gave Smokey his final place along with Eddie Six Strings and Air-Venging Angel.

Of this super talented trio there was only one true winner.. Smokey Van Porno

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great night, the team had great fun and we'll see you all next year!


The UK Air Guitar Champion 2011 with Air Picks is... you???

Posted on 22 August 2011 | 2:14 pm

Contestants Sign up here!

We again have travelled the nation to find a selection of finalists, but we have loads of places for people who want to take part in the national final in Brighton on Friday 9th September.

All competitors who have not competed in a regional heat will go into a pre-qualifying round where the audience will audition them :0

For the rest of you we have a fun filled night starting with:
9pm - The regional heat winners warm up demo
9:30 - The Pre-Qualifying rounds begin
10:30 - The second round - 'the cage'
11pm - The 3rd round - air duel's
11:30 - The 3 way final air trio duel battle thing rargh!
12am - 2:30 - After Party with Paradise City Cock Rock DJ's

Special guest air guitarists will be announced soon, watch this space.

See you all very, very soon
Cozza \m/

The Air Picks Welsh Air Guitar Champion 2011 is Air-Venging Angel -

Posted on 4 August 2011 | 9:07 am

The Air-Venging Angel (Ian McDonald) stunned the audience with his sparkling wings and blissful guitaring. The irrepressible Duffy was not a welcome name in the Bogiez camp, he was applauded as the former champion but graciously gave way to the new Welsh air rock god.

With people travelling from as far as Manchester to take part it was a night to behold. High Master Dawgg, Duffy and Air-Venging Angel made it in to the final three way battle. Itchy Von Klinkerhorn, V-Dawgg were in a close 4th and 5th, the rest were good, but not that good

We thank Bogiez for their hospitality and look forward to seeing the Welsh finalists at the Concorde 2 Brighton on the 9th September for the UK Air Guitar Championships Final 2011...

Wales Air Guitar Final 2011 Sponsored by Air Picks - Bogiez Cardiff

Posted on 25 July 2011 | 9:12 am

The UK Air Guitar Championships Welcomes Air Picks as new Sponsor

The All Wales Air Guitar Final 2011 is a few days away!

Friday 29th July
Bogiez Cardiff
Free entry for contestants
£4.00 all others
Air Wear Essential

The current Welsh Air Guitar champion is Duffy, he will be fighting to maintain his national title.
There are a number of contestants lining up this year to take the prize and claim their place in the national final in Brighton in September.

To enter click here

Northern Ireland Air Guitar Champion 2011

Posted on 3 June 2011 | 11:19 am

N.I. Air Guitar Champion 2011 is 'Fin Air' - Finola Doran. Fin was the journalist who wrote a lovely article about air guitar returning to Northern Ireland, she came to the night and couldn't resist the temptation to get our her air axe! She knew the riffs and she will be coming to Brighton along with the runner up 'Smurfus Maximus' Emmet Harkin.. It was a hoot! and in true Irish fashion, it was fueled by booze, in moderation obviously ;)

UK Air Guitar 2011 Championships and Tours

Posted on 8 March 2011 | 1:46 pm

The time has come to announce the 2011 tour!

The crew have got together over winter and have decided to put together a pretty awesome set of competitions, with some new features and heats, all will be revealed in due course but this year we are going back to Air Guitar roots and its gonna be messy!

We welcome all new contestants and very soon our site will be updated with the latest information and entry forms for all of our heats. Tickets for these shows will also be available shortly too.

Finally lets not forget the 2010 UK Air Guitar Champion Eddie Six Strings (photo left). She was a first time air offender in 2010 and through nerves of steel, muscles of iron and a knob of butter she nailed her way into the Air Guitar hall of fame...