It's free to enter! You will be added to the list on the day.

(or bring your own)

Rules and Conditions

  1. Each contestant will get up to 90 seconds to show the audience what they are made of in each round.
  2. There are three rounds, each contestant gets to choose a song to perform for round one. If they succeed in impressing the judges (the audience) they will progress to round two. In round two each contestant will have to perform a song selected by us and they will have to perform this alongside two other contestants in a three way battle, the winner of this battle moves into the Final round. The Final lasts as long as it takes to establish a clear winner. The song is chosen again by us with the profound use of cunning, the audience then deliberate and conclude vocally who they believe is the winner.
  3. Each contestant must provide their own air guitar, air banjo, air acoustic guitar.
  4. Anyone using a physical material as an air guitar substitue will be disqualified.
  5. If the audience boo unanimously for any reason, you will be booted.
  6. Dressing up is highly advised as its a crowd pleaser.