UK Air Guitar Championships 2017
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Many people turn up through intrigue and end up becoming avid fans as itís so much fun to watch and cheer on your favourite air guitarist.

The night is all about all those people who play air guitar in front of the mirror, at gigs, in their bedrooms or anywhere else for that matter! They want a chance to replicate the true legends of rock music on a real stage.

Watch the Air Guitar Championships

We play a mix of awesome rock music throughout the night with some of the performers choosing their own tracks. We also have a mix of air guitarists performing; some dress up, some have highly perfected routines while others are chancers, some are pure comedy gold, some old, some young, some people are into heavy metal, others punk or ska or country. Anything goes but one thingís for sure, everyone has fun!

You, the audience are the judges

After each air guitarist performs their 90 second track, you cheer, or boo and the loudest cheers gets the air guitarists though to the next round. The top air guitarists will then move on to the finals. The audience will choose every decision, even the final winner.

UK Tour Heats and Tickets

Heat Date Location Tickets

City of Derry

28th June - Price - FREE Mason's Bar / Address & Map FREE »


22nd July - Price - FREE The Arts Club / Address & Map FREE »


1st August - Price - FREE Green Door Store / Address & Map FREE »
Grand Final


Saturday 21st October - 10.00pm - Price - FREE Fuel Rock Club / Address & Map FREE »