Have you got what it takes to be
the next UK Air Guitar Champion?

You might think you're god's gift to air guitar and play at every opportunity, or you may be a closet rocker. But whether you play air guitar in your bedroom, at gigs, parties or just in front of the mirror, we have a place for you on our stage.

When you take the stage you wont know what to expect. You're on your own with just your air guitar and a few hundred screaming fans. But when the lights come on and the guitars start thrashing on your favourite tune, you'll forget the audience and feel the ecstasy of a true rock legend. Hendrix, Grohl, Page, whoever the hell you want, just get it on! Well at least until the music stops and the audience show their feelings.

Enter the Air Guitar Championships

Anything goes, whether its fancy dress, outrageous moves or even if you wanna compete against your mates or team up with them in an air guitar rock band! Do anything you can to win the crowd over (with exception see our basic rules). After all, you are competing against some of the best air guitarists in the UK!

You plus a mate get in FREE when you enter

All contestants get free entry, plus a friend with them. We believe that air guitar is the most free form of expression. FREE from contractual obligations, FREE from fees, FREE from judges and a celebration of Air Guitar as it was supposed to be... Free...

Don't forget to bring as many mates as you can for support!

Prizes for 2011

  • UK Air Guitar Champion 2011. Great prizes to be announced soon..
  • Your name will go down in the history of the oldest air guitar championships in the world.
  • A slice of fame with press and TV coverage.

UK Tour Heats and Entry

Heat Date Location Enter

City of Derry

Tuesday 28th August 2012 - 7.30pm - 11pm Mason's Bar / Address & Map Enter online »


Saturday 22nd September 2012 - 7.30pm til Late Club Fuel / SoLo / Address & Map Enter online »


Friday 31st August 2012 - 7.30 til late Bannermans Bar / Address & Map Enter online »
Final *There will be a pre-qualifying round at the final


Sunday 30th September 2012 - 8pm til late Coalition / Kings Road Arches / Address & Map Enter online »